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Adv. Theater 1-Acts

So, bright and early (ok, maybe not so early) on Monday morning, my 1-act group is having a nonofficial rehearsal at Miss Kover's house. We're meeting from 11am-5pm. I doubt we'll need that long to rehears...plus, knowing all of us, we'll end up just sitting there being random and talking. It should be fun though, I'm not really dreading it at all. However, that means that in my spare time - which lately has been NONEXISTANT - I need to memorize the 2nd half of the script and have it down. Not that they'll be angry with me if I don't know it all rock solid, but there's really no reason why I shouldn't have it done. I have no excuse.

Anyway, this night of one acts thing we're going to be doing should be very interesting indeed. We've never done anything like this before at school, so this will be kind of an experiment. I'm kind of glad that they're student directed, it makes it more fun (in most cases anyway). For instance, my group is under the direction of Jessie and Sarah, which is brilliant! I love having them as directors.

If you'd like to come see this theatrical feasco (kidding, kidding!) then I suggest you show up @ Steele Canyon, 7pm, and the dates are somewhere between the 12th-16th, I think. I'll find out for sure tomorrow and update this. The 1-act I am cast in is called "The Actors Nightmare" and it's actually very funny. It's by Christopher Durang. I'm playing the part of Ellen Terry, who plays the part of Sybil in the "Private Lives" sequence and a hobo in "Checkmate". It's kind of confusing at first, because it's just a huge collage type thing of 3-4 different plays and the main actor, George, is really confused, so it can confuse the aduience too...however, I think with the way we're portraying it (at least I hope) that the audience will be able to enjoy the confusion and the humor that lies within it.

That's my bit for today. We have our final Winter Concert tonight @ 7pm...wish us many broken bones!

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