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Spring Play

So, Hobbsie was talking about doing 'Rumors' in the spring. Before I saw the play, I was up for any suggestion as long as it wasn't 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. After I saw the play, I loved the script...all the comedy and everything is very well writen; however, I could not see our department doing it. I think we lack the resources and the talent, as far as boys go. Think about it, all we have to count on are Stephan and Lewis. Lewis ruins any part because he goes freakin' turbo and just does whatever the hell he wants and Stephan...eh, I dunno. I love the guy and all, but I'm not sure I could see him (or Lewis, for that matter) doing any of the parts in 'Rumors'.

'Alice In Wonderland' was mentioned as something we might do. It was a rumor though (no pun intended!). In a way I'm glad...because the set would be entirely too difficult and with the people Hobbsie likes to cast, eh. I'm not sure about the success of a show like that. That's just my opinion though.

'Starlight Express', an awesome show Mrs. G saw in London, is coming here in March! The show is done with the actors all on rollerskates and there are supposedly some awesome songs. Kathryn brought the flier to Mrs. G and she said we'd all definitely organize a field trip to go because it's a "brilliant show". How exciting, eh?! I think it would be neat. I like seeing shows at community theaters, it makes me feel cultured. Me = dork :P

That's my ramblings for now. Comment/post your own ideas/whatever. I just really hope this community can go somewhere and not just sit in a rut with only me posting and 2-3 people commenting.

Hasta, darlings!
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